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Let's Get Some Sh*t Done!

(and have a lot of fun in the process)

Leesa Coyne is a creative leader who works with clients, companies and brands to solve exciting problems. Lisa is a savvy and experienced with years under her belt and knows how to best work with teams to GSD (Get Sh*t Done!) She works with some of the world's top brands and agencies including T-Mobile, Bosch and Weber Shandwick just to name a few and produced some pretty impressive award winning work along the way.


Leesa is truly a Jane of all trades and master of some... Her design career spans from UX/UI, to Product  Design, Video, Print, Studio Design, Creative Direction, to Content Strategy, and back again. And yes she knows all the programs one would need to know to do all these things AND she will help you look really polished and smart any time to your need to present to get buy in! 


But if you asked her she would say most of the important stuff she learned has been by working her ass off for years doing badass creative in the trenches and in the pitch room. Her goal in life is to use design to make the world a better place and not just a prettier picture!

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