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Saving Savr
Our Five Day Design Sprint

Savr is a new start up where users can look up and make fresh recipes online.  
Overall they have had a lot of positive feedback but would like to address some negative experiences users have called to their attention. 

This is where we come in:  
Savr got a head start on some user interviews and research. They would like us to dive right in to review the research and provide design recommendations to help elevate the user experience in their cooking app the could help to grow the business. 

Day 1 // Mapping

Key Findings


Interviews were taken ahead of our team joining in on this design sprint. Our team reviewed the interviews and left with these key takeaways.

Things we did:

- Review Interviews

- Card Sorting

Pain Points Include:

  • The timing is off (aka says it takes 35 mins when it really takes an hour).

  • Some of the terminology is confusing for new cooks and needs a better explanation.

  • The steps sometimes do not maximize time effectively and sometimes do not include some up front steps you could do with prep that would make the later part of the cooking easier and less stressful.

  • They do not have all the dishware or ingredients needed to make some dishes at their home.

Positive Insights Include:

  • Users are really excited to try new recipes

  • They really like learning new cooking techniques and feel like they get something extra out of learning a new cooking skill.


"I can see what the finished product looks like, but I don't know if I'm on the right track halfway through ... is it supposed to look like this? If not, it's better to know sooner rather than later."


"Sometimes I feel like steps are sprung on me ... and that turns an enjoyable experience into a stressful one. I like to be as prepared as I possibly can be before I start cooking things
that I can't undo"

Day 1 // Mapping

End-to-end experience

We just went right in to create our ideal end-to-end experience based on some of the research we reviewed. In a design sprint you have no time to waste so we wanted to get our of the box thoughts out right away.

See all our sketches :)


Day 2 // Sketch



We searched around the web to find other services that might be similar to Savr that we could draw inspiration from both inside and outside the cooking space.

Food: Blue Apron | NY Times Cooking | AllRecipes
hello Fresh | Purple Carrot | Whole Foods

Maker Spaces: | Instructables
JoAnn Fabric | Parents | WikiHow


Allows you to make a grocery list you can print out to take to the store with you.


Ships all the
ingredients you need right in the box.


Allows you to
search for projects
by skill level.


Had really great
detailed step-by-step illustrations.

Day 2 // Sketch

Crazy 8's

We just went right in to create our ideal end-to-end experience based on some of the research we reviewed. In a design sprint you have no time to waste so we wanted to get our of the box thoughts out right away.

We focused on what the welcome screen would look like when someone first logs into the siteas a returning user.

See all our sketches :)


Day 2 // Sketch

Solution Sketch

After we visually brainstormed with our crazy 8 sketches we then narrowed our focus on one key screen plus the screen that comes before and after it.

Screen 1: This screen takes all sorts of information from a new user so we can automate recommendations based on things like dietary preferences and cooking skill level.

Screen 2 (Our Key Screen): Users the automated recommendations and allows users to enter in much time they have to cook and what ingredients they might have in the house already.

Screen 3: Show what happens once a user selects a recipe they would like to cook. It includes a how to video, grocery list, step by step instructions with photos, and hyperlinks to any terms that are not common.


Day 3 // Decide

App Screen Sketches


I started sketching a bunch of my screens (aka 15 screens) for the working prototype we plan on testing with our users testers on day 5. Part of the brilliance of my app will be done in the back end. Once we have a user selecting recipes we can make recommendations based on their preferences and past choices.

The Savr app is based around recipe selection and instruction (It is not a meal kit like Blue Apron). So I wanted to make sure people could search based on what food they have at the house and also planned some Instacart integration so they could order any items they do not currently have at the ready to be delivered to their home.

Day 4 // Prototype

Building Our
Mobile Prototype


I had some great sketches to go off of and used Sketch to bring them to life. From there I used the craft plugin to push them to InVision. I also downloaded the InVision app on my phone so I could test the prototype on mobile and test the gestures on some of the screens. 

As I started building it I was able to combine some of the features of multiple sketches. On screen #6 recipe overview, #7 Grocery List and #9 Start Cooking to all live on the recipe home page. I also allowed the ingredients list and shopping to toggle on and off.

Another screen I realized I need to make was the search results so I added that to the flow.

Overall I would like to see if this addresses our users concerns about the instructions on cooking. When they set preferences it should help tailor the recipe recommendations based on their skill level, what items they have to work with and the amount of time they would like to spend making the meal.



I am a working prototype

click around on me!


Day 5 // Testing

User Testing
with our Protoype


5 Users interviews
(2 in person, 3 via zoom)


We did these interviews during COVID!

Luckily my sister is in my pod and she was able to test in person. The rest of the tests were done via zoom. Things like gestures were harder to test via zoom since gesturing on a laptop/zoom is less intuitive.

Day 5 // Testing

Our Testing Results

Positive Feedback

  • Intuitively knew that search ingredients was stuff they already. Users really liked that you could search for what you already had in your house and how long you want to spend cooking.

  • Liked how we separated between prep and non prep steps.

  • Folks totally understood the my recipe box.

  • People liked the check lists.

  • I like that it is broken up into step by step.

  • Liked the icons.

Needs Adjusting

  • Missed start cooking button. Maybe remove other items there since users just scroll down to the other steps.

  • Prefer the name of item then amount. EX: Olive Oil - 1/4 cup

  • Making sure confusing topics have a link to what they are
    AKA "Sweat the onion" - What is sweat the onion?

  • The timer button still needs to be worked out some.
    Maybe just include time in each section as a recommendation of how long something will take in each step and not make the app have a working timer.

  • Live chat would have to be super responsive.
    "I can't wait 5 mins... something is burning on the stove..."
    or "you could just search YouTube"...

  • Link designation is confusing

  • Missing cook time field label.

  • In search results show what I searched for up
    top along with the recommendations.

  • Bottom nav hard to read.

  • Add to Instacart need to be reworked.

  • Make it apparent when you are leaving Savr and going to Instacart.

UI Design

Add some hints for swipe gestures.

Link designation is confusing

Bottom nav hard to read.

When you look at it as an app it seems more busy than it needs to be overall visually.

Profile takes up way to much space. Look at Spotify or Blue Apron.

Future Features

Is there a way to gameify it. Like once you cook 20 meals you are now an intermediate chef...

Add a way to rate recipe "Rate it, Save it, Share it"

Testing Pain Point

There are some issues when testing the mobile prototypes on mobile when using different users phones. In future I would have a phone set aside solely for testing. That we are able to test ahead of time. Her mobile phone was on an older iOS and the InVision prototype was buggy.

Day 5 // Testing

Our Results

Learning Journey

This was my first sprint so I was really excited to be a part of this process. I very much feel in love with the quick paced nature of this one and now I want to go cook the world most delicious dinner!Author

5 day


5 uesr






home chefs!

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