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Vote Buddy

Young adults (Xennials) are not voting in local elections due to lack of information about the impact of local politics and overall knowledge of local elections.

Can we use technology to help Xennials physically and emotionally connect with local elections?

Day 1 //
Marketplace Assessment 

Artboard 3 copy 4_2x-100.jpg
Artboard 3 copy 4_2x-100.jpg

Day 2 //

Screener (The People who did not vote):
Are you registered to vote in the United States or will be in the next year?
Did you vote in the last election?
Would like to vote in the future elections? Do you own a smartphone?


Research Questions:
If you have not voted in the last local election, tell me why you didn’t?
What would enhance your voting experience?
Did you know when and where your last local election was ahead of time?
Do you read push notifications you signed up for on your phone?
Would a reminder a week before the election sent to your cell phone be helpful?
What additional info would you want with your vote reminder other than the date of the election?
If it was a community challenge like fitbit would that make it more fun and you more inclined to vote? Would you want to access your voting history in one place helpful?

Mapping Our Results

Artboard 3 copy 2_2x-100.jpg
Artboard 3 copy 2_2x-100.jpg

Day 3 //
Our Persona

Artboard 1_2x-100.jpg

Day 4 //

Artboard 3_2x-100.jpg

Our Goal as to have users sign up via web or mobile to receive push notifications via mobile.

Below is our Red Route flow and the overall site map for the website where users sign up.

Artboard 3 copy 5_2x-100.jpg

Day 5 //

Today we worked on:

- Initial Rough Sketches

- Styleguide Moodboard

- Simple Prototype

Artboard 3 copy 3_2x-100.jpg
Artboard 3 copy 6_2x-100.jpg
Artboard 11_2x-100.jpg

Next Steps //
Our Pitch Deck

Day 5 // Testing

Our Results

Learning Journey

This was my first UX design project.
It was completed durning a one week boot camp at General Assembly.

Want to dip my feet in before I committed to a longer program.

first UX
design project

Gaining much
needed insights
on voter turnout

how to use
Sketch to
create first

Created starter
to drive
voter turnout

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